Don’t go to Taiwan

The heart of Asia will enchant you

One advice: never go on a trip to Taiwan… The heart of Asia will enchant you.

After IranAlgeriaGeorgiaLebanonArmenia and Bahrain, I visited another surprising destination: Taiwan. I am really happy to introduce the ninth episode of my Don’t go to… web series. Go check out the previous ones if you haven’t yet and let me know what you think in the comments 😉
This project was sponsored by Awateha & Taïwan tourisme.

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Shot, directed & edited by Tolt
Additional footage by Mehdi M'Hamdi
Original score by DIMMI
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Taiwan is just buildings and factories

The first time you found out about this country was probably when you read “Made in Taiwan” on some cheap manufactured product. Maybe now you imagine a land filled with factories and skyscrapers, just like many huge fast-growing Asian cities. But I have to tell you: nature is one of the best assets in Taiwan. Its lush mountains, forest and beaches will enchant all the nature lovers.

Sunlight hardly finding its way through Alishan forest

Taiwanese nature is lifeless

Be ready for some wildlife observation!

Taiwanese temples are humdrum

Unlike Mainland China, Taiwan didn’t experience the Cultural Revolution, which caused much damage to Chinese people and their cultural heritage. So even though the country is much smaller than its neighbour, you’ll never get bored with these fascinating temples.

Taiwan is not a destination for outdoor lovers

Still thinking you can’t find a proper hike in Taiwan? Well, go try Zhuilu Old Trail,you won’t be disappointed!

The starting point of Zhuilu Old Trail

I mean… Look at these landscapes…


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Taiwanese culture is not so diversified

Before Chinese immigrants settled in Taiwan, from the 18th century, the Formosa island was mainly ruled by the Dutch and the Spanish. And before Europeans, the ancestors of today’s Taiwanese aborigines had lived there for thousands of years. Just add the Japanese influence (Japan occupied the island for 50 years until its defeat in WWII) and that’s how you get this amazing mix of cultures that makes Taiwan so colourful!

Taiwanese aboriginal dance

Taiwan has no gastronomy

Since gastronomy is an essential part of a culture, Taiwanese cuisine was obviously not only influenced by mainland China, but also by indigenous people and Japan. In addition to chicken, rice, pork and soy, seafood is also a very common ingredient, as for most island nations.

The famous Din Tai Fung dumplings