Don’t go to Georgia

You might come back with colourful memories…

One advice: never go on a trip to Georgia, you might… come back with colourful memories.

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Here is the third video of my Don’t go to web series and for this one, I went to Georgia. Located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, the caucasian country has a great touristic potential that should pay off in the coming years. If you’re looking for amazing sceneries, a human experience, a rich culture and a delightful gastronomy, it is probably one of the best destinations in the world.

I guess you understood that the purpose of this video was to bring attention to this country, which is not a big touristic destination, yet at least. So it’s a bit different from the two previous ones, where the purpose was to break misonceptions.

1) Georgian landscapes are all the same

In just 3 weeks, I could see snowy mountains (it even snowed while we were in Ushguli), lush pastures, subtropical Black Sea coast, vineyards… We couldn’t go there but the country also has semi-deserts in the south-east part.

2) Georgian panoramas are ordinary

Not only there are many different kinds of landscapes but the panoramas are really outstanding!

Georgia valley panorama landscape

3) Georgian monuments are not photogenic

Wether you’re looking for old cathedrals, inaccessible castles or post-sovietic structures, you’ll definitely find the right monument for your photos and videos.

4) Georgia has no History

Located at the crossroads of the Western world and the Eastern world, Georgia has been influenced/occupied by many of the most famous Empires (the Persians, the Greeks, the Ottomans, the Russians…). That’s why you’ll find very interesting historic places. But that’s not all. The country is also famous for its Dmanisi fossils proving the existence of the Homo erectus Georgicus, the first European hominid.

5) Géorgie is not for outdoor lovers

Just like any mountainous country, Georgia is a great destination for travellers looking for some nice treks. And for those who have vertigo issues, there are also some nice hikes near Batumi, where they won’t have to deal with their fear of heights. And since I know nature lovers usually like to be alone, I’d like to underline that Georgia only has a 65 inhabitants/km² (EU average is 113) so you should be fine 🙂

6) Georgian churches are hideous

If I had to choose what best embodies this country, it would probably  be a church. Rarely have I seen so many monasteries and cathedrals in just 3 weeks. To top it all off, some of them are located in amazing sceneries!

Bodbe monastery in Sighnaghi
Bodbe monastery in Sighnaghi

7) Georgia has no gastronomy

Georgian gastronomy can surely compete the French or Italian one. They have one of the oldest wine-making culture, and their ancestral winery system using amphora called qvevri is registered on the UNESCO list of World Heritage not bad! I also probably ate the best tomatos in my life over there, and with the khinkali, kachapuri, sinori, lobiani… let’s say any food addict will be delighted and so will the i-ending meal-lovers, incidentally…


8) Georgian traditions are not fun

Despite the many influences (or occupations) Georgia has managed to keep a very strong identity. It can be especially experienced in its folklore and traditions. Don’t miss the traditional singing and dancing!

9) Georgia has no modern cities

Let’s be honnest, Georgia still is a rural country (43% of its inhabitants live in the countryside). And some cities don’t give the image of a very modern country. However, if you like vibrant cities, with modern daring building, you’ll surely be happy in Tbilissi and Batumi.