Don’t go to Brazil

There is too much to discover…

The gorgeous Morro do Pai Inacio canyon

One advice : Don’t go to Brazil, it has too much to discover…

After our last adventures in Taiwan and Bahrain, it is time to head to South America. We are happy to introduce the tenth episode of our Don’t go to… web series, shot in… Brazil! This country is not exactly an unusual destination, but we really wanted to prove it was more than just nice beaches, Rio de Janeiro and caïpirinhas. Leave us a comment if you enjoyed the video 😉

Do you feel the smell of cachaça…? Let’s be honest, we were not far from leaving everything to start over in a fisherman’s hut at the seaside of Atins! But there’s more to Brazil than its beaches! This vast country is constantly surprising and amazing. Its nature is immensely rich and diverse (which explains massive public outcry over ongoing destructions). And we’ve tried our best to paint the richness of Auriverde!

1) Brazil is just a huge jungle

Of course, when we talk about Brazil and its nature, we can’t forget Amazonia! The world’s greatest tropical forest covers up to 60% of the territory! And sadly enough, this vital lung is under growing threat. Yet, Brazil also works hard to preserve its environment. That’s what we witnessed venturing into the National Park of Chiapada Diamantina or Lençois Marenheses. The first one is located just near Salvador de Bahia and offers unique landscapes: huge mountains, canyons, waterfalls…

The second one is located in the Nordeste and provides a radical change of scenery with its sand dunes and emerald lagoons, glittering during the rainy season. Admire the landscape and its unforgettable sunsets!

Aerial view of the Lençois Maranhenses

2) Brazilian nature isn’t worth the exploration

Many travelers just focus their trip on big cities. However, Brazil hides hundreds of natural wonders! It would be a shame to pass by such gems…

…as the famous Iguaçu Falls!

3) Brazil has no history

Discovered in 1500, Brazil is relatively young in Western history. But the colonial era is a just one milestone on the timeline of South America. People had been living on the continent way before the conquistadores! And American, European and Caribbean cultures keep mixing to create vibrant syncretisms!

4) Brazil is limited to Rio de Janeiro

Of course, if you are heading to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro must be on your roadmap. Yet, the biggest city of South America is indeed São Paulo. It may not be the prettiest, but it is surely appealing! Especially if you are passionate about street art and contemporary art. In that case you will be amazed by the Beco do Batman and the Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo.

But don’t forget to pin smaller cities on your itinerary! On the road to Rio de Janeiro, be sure to make a stop in Paraty!

Up north, you’ll discover the colorful houses in the historical center of Salvador de Bahia! 

If you plan to visit the Chapada Diamantina, take a detour to Lençois!

On your way to Recife, don’t miss the beautiful Olinda! This charming city is one of the oldest of the country, and differs widely from its neighbour’s skycrapers!

5) Brazilian contemporary art has nothing special

Surely, Brazil is not reknowned for its Momas. But a walk on the streets of Sao Paulo may well inspire you! The financial capital is also known as the cultural and artistic flagship of Brazil. In the district of Pinheiros, you’ll many art galleries, and of course, some typical street art pictures! Not to forget the famous architect, Oscar Niemeyer, who designed many edifices and left his mark in the city!

6) Brazil is not diversified

Did you know that Sao Paulo is the second Japanese city and the first Libanese one ? And that info is not enough to understand the incredible cultural and ethnical diversity of Brazil! Of course, Portuguese influences are still visible in Salvador de Bahia, Lençois or Olinda.

7) Brazil has no gastronomy

As we put on some weight, it’d be hard to spit in all the dishes we enjoyed on our trip! Perhaps Brazilian food is not the most sophisticated we’d tasted, but its divsersity and richness surely makes up for our French palates’ delicacy! For example, in Atins, sea food (especially the shrimps) is amazing! In big cities, you’ll always find a churrascaria, which can be translated as meat-lover paradise! Also, be sure to taste the feijoada, a traditional recipe with black beans!

8) Brazilians don’t care about the environment

Fortunately, Jair Bolsonaro does not reflect every Brazilian’s stand on environment protection. You just have to navigate on the Parnaiba delta, visit the National Parks, discover the beautiful fisherman’s town of Atins, or Jericoacoara, to realize that most Brazilians care for their motherland!