Don’t go to Armenia

You might get back with too many stories

One advice: never go on a trip to Armenia… You might get back with too many stories.

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After IranAlgeriaGeorgia & Lebanon, I visited another “unusual” destination: Armenia. I am really happy to introduce the seventh episode of my Don’t go to… web series. Go check out the previous ones if you haven’t yet 😉
This project was sponsored by Liligo, Terres d’aventure, l’Office de tourisme d’Arménie and Air France.

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Shot, directed & edited by Tolt
Additional footage by Kevin Clerc
Original score by DIMMI
Sound design & mix by Laura Haddad

Armenia is not a hiking destination

Being at the heart of the Caucasus Mountains, Armenia will delight hikers! With an average altitude of 900 meters, the country offers a variety of trails which take trekkers among wonderful landscapes and splendid cultural sites. Don’t be afraid, there are paths for both seasoned walkers and Sunday strollers!

Tsakhkadzor, ski resort in the winter & perfect for trekking the rest of the year

Armenian landscapes are not so colourful

North America is not the only land where autumn colours fully bloom! Make a stop at Tsakhkadzor ski resort, and you’ll get a panorama of Armenia’s wonderful palette! Last October, we got about fifty shades of gold gazing at the wooded massif!

Gorgeous colours of Armenian fall

Armenian nature is worthless

I repeat: Armenia’s nature is amazing! Let’s start with the Stone Symphony in the Garni Gorge. It’s hard to believe that this basaltic formation (reminding me of the Giant’s Causeway in Scotland) was not shaped by man. Other must-sees: Jerk’s thermal springs, Shaki Waterfall or the gigantic Lake Sevan… There’s just plenty!

Garni gorge & Jermuk waterfall

Armenia has no history

Armenia is at a crossroads between the East and the West. And, naturally, the country is rich in history. On the way, you’ll find many remnants of the past: Garni’s Greek Temple, Zvarnots Ruins or Amberd Fortress… The Armenian Genocide Museum and The Matenadaran (one the world’s biggest collections of ancient manuscripts!) are not to be missed!

Garni Temple

Armenian churches are not so special

OK, I was just teasing you, guys… Of course, Armenian churches are absolute jewels! Let’s not forget that the country was the first to make Christianity a State religion… And one needs a whole life to visit all the churches and monasteries erected on its territory!

Mass celebrated in Saghmosavank

Armenian cuisine is not very tasty

‘Diverse’ is probably the best adjective to describe Armenian cuisine! Indeed, it’s a savory mix of all the region’s cultural influences : Persian, Greek, Turkish, Lebanese… Just thinking of dolmas, lahmajoun, borek, or lavash (the traditional bread), my taste buds want to go back!

Armenia has no wine culture

Fake news… Armenia is one the first winegrowers on the globe! And its wine tradition has rejuvenated over the last years. South Caucasus bottles now rival with some of the world’s finest vintages!

Armenia is a boring destination

There’s a lot of activities to be done – apart from hiking, depending on the season and the region. In Yerevan, party’s up all year long! Almost 24/7, for Armenians know how to celebrate, trust me… Around Tsakhkadzor, ski pistes are open in winter. And when the snow is gone, you can still zipline over the mountains. Then, wait for summer weather, and you will enjoy Lake Sevan on a sailboat or a horse!